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Statement of CC 17/21 - July 15, 2021

Solidarity with Cuban people!

Get out US bases from Italy!

End with Draghi government subjugated to US and EU!

The military-industrial-financial complex that rules the United States raised the level of hostilities against the Cuban revolution. From last Sunday July 11 they promoted in some cities of the Republic of Cuba demonstrations of organizations in various ways affiliated with the US imperialist groups, the imperialist Zionist and European groups and the Vatican. It tries to take advantage of the economic and social difficulties created by the US economic, financial and commercial blockade that hits Cuba for about sixty years and to destabilize the Republic of Cuba.

In 2019, under the presidency of Donald Trump the US abolished the partials and unreliable softening of the blockade made during Barack Obama presidency and took measures (the "243 measures" are the most famous) which worsened the economic, financial and commercial blockade in force before Obama, in particular they have hindered and reduced emigrants’ remittances and their travels to Cuba, tourism and importation of fuel and components of production processes provoking, consequently, exports’ reduction and worsening supplies for the Cuban population.

The imperialist authorities and groups and in particular the pharmaceutical groups have made campaign against the health interventions offered by Cuba to countries who needed it, interventions that also involve foreign currency remittances for Cuba. Against the pandemic the Cuban authorities have taken prevention measures and healthcare assistance that attenuated the spread of contagion and cared for infected much better than in the US and other countries, making use of the renowned public health system whose the Cuban population enjoys thanks to socialism. But the appearance of more aggressive coronavirus variants has worsened the situation even in Cuba and made emerge the limitations in the production and purchase of medicines caused by the blockade.

The new president Joe Biden keep Trump’s line against Cuba by violating his own electoral promises. In general, in recent years imperialist groups and US authorities have intensified their direct interventions in Latin America because their local puppets have increasing difficulties to remain in power. The Venezuela of Nicolás Maduro resists the blockade and attacks, in Bolivia the coup against Evo Morales has failed, in Peru the puppets have lost the recent presidential elections and in Colombia, in Chile, in Brazil they fail to stifle the protests of the popular masses, the campaign against Nicaragua Sandinista has not been successful, in Haiti the US imperialist groups intervened directly. Nor can they do very differently, given the crisis of the US political system that the Trump adventure has only highlighted and which lasts and deepens: it is not Trump that has created discomfort, discontent, intolerance and rebellion of a large part of the US popular masses against the course of things.

In this context, the internal and foreign enemies of socialism try to take advantage of the difficulties of the Republic of Cuba and to worsen them. These are the origin and the context of the anti-government demonstrations began in Cuba on Sunday July 11.

It is mainly to the communist and progressive forces of Cuba as of each of Latin America countries to confront manoeuvres and counter-revolutionary interventions, to mobilize and unite the popular masses of their country, to develop solidarity and collaboration between governments and progressive forces of Latin America, taking benefit from solidarity, collaboration and exchange with countries (such as the People's Republic of China, the Russian Federation, Iran and others) hostile to the predatory policy of US, Zionist and EU imperialist groups. They must and can do it and the success they will get in every country relies on how much the respective conscious and organized communist movement assimilates and applies the science of the activities with which men make their own history, today Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. In all this, they could count on discomfort, discontent, intolerance and rebellion which among the popular masses of each of the imperialist countries, starting from the US themselves, are growing against the course of things and in each of them will fuel the socialist revolution as the rebirth of the communist movement progressively develops. The US popular masses verify for their direct experience the action and the real nature of the imperialist groups and the US authorities who shout out democracy and freedom in Cuba.

The greatest help that we Italian communists can and must give to the communist and progressive forces of Cuba as of each of the countries of Latin America is to advance the socialist revolution in our country and contribute to the rebirth of the conscious and organized communist movement in the world.

However, it is also important that we Italian communists and the progressive organizations and exponents of our country openly declare our solidarity with the Republic of Cuba and with other Latin American progressive forces in various ways attacked by the International Community of European, US and Zionists imperialist groups.

Solidarity is a weapon and strengthens those who receive it and who gives it. In particular we must

- denounce and protest against the Italian authorities and the government of Mario Draghi which also against Cuba and the other progressive countries of Latin America keeps and worsens the activity that the Papal Republic for decades has been carrying out at the tail of US imperialists;

- protest against the presence of US bases in our country, a threat to European, African and Asian countries (we have already seen them at work: it is enough to remember Yugoslavia, Libya and Syria) and flagrant violation of the 1948 Constitution officially still in force. Their elimination is essential for the progress of the Italian popular masses: they were and are also outbreaks of intrigues and anti-popular manoeuvres (Gladio centres, terrorist groups and para-fascist murderers).

So let’s everybody mobilize

- to advance the socialist revolution in progress in Italy: an important stage of this one is the constitution of People’s Bloc Government!

- to express to the government, authorities and missions, to mass organizations and the population of the Republic of Cuba his friendship and solidarity in the best ways everybody is able!